Jeffrey R. Thumm
Eric S. Johansson
Kevin Connolly

Background & Status

VERDANTAI – the firm and holder of VERDANTAI  technology.  VERDANTAI is the designer/developer/manufacturer of VERDANT process monitoring and control products.  VERDANT products contain VERDANTAI technology and connect to VERDANTAI networks with VERDANTAI technology. 

The VERDANT product line serves process operators with a secure and robust means to remotely monitor and control the process state, process flow and the process outcomes.  The VERDANT monitor and control nodes are comprised of OTS hardware and a plurality of wireless and wired communication means operating in VERDANTAI’s highly secure, self-healing network environment.

The first VERDANT products are the VERDANT 100 & 200 (V-100 & V-200) Field Masters. The technology was developed through 2017 to meet the requirements of local agricultural growers.  These growers are customers of Kevin Connolly and KC Enterprises.  The growers’ requirements of process data and process control response were met with the VERDANT proof-of-principal prototype in November 2017. 

After review with KC in December 2017, VERDANTAI addressed the additional data processing and operator interface needs summarized by Mr Connolly.  In March of 2018 VERDANTAI announced the VERDANT 100,  a Field Master for agricultural data monitoring and irrigation control, packaged in an IP67 rated, 6-inch-cube polymer enclosure. 

VERDANT 100 Field Masters collect agricultural field data with either hard-wired or  wireless remote nodes. For wireless data networks, OTS multi-hop wireless radios are used, expandable to 30 remote data nodes and with an up-to 6 mile wireless range.    The VERDANT100 field data/control is enabled with the VERDANT 100 app displayed on a PC, tablet or smartphone.   See the VERDANT product descriptions.

VERDANTAI’s system design –  tried and true OTS hardware in bottom-up design coupled with the latest in network engineering in top-down design — results in a highly reliable, secure and maintainable VERDANT product.   The proven OTS node hardware includes sensors & sensing, wired & wireless node communication, remote power, actuators and controllers. 

Integration of proven OTS node hardware retains the original manufacturer set-ups, maintenance and warranty.  This is especially important in industrial processes where existing nodes reporting to a master are formally validated and replacement would be costly and undesirable.  VERDANTAI integrates seamlessly with industry standard protocols for process monitor and control.

Enhanced security with VERDANTAI’s proprietary Tunnel-Layer Security (T-L Secure TM).  Need more on security.

VERDANT process data is logged and available for retroactive study and for the basis in building predictive models.  VERDANTAI serves process owners and operators through VERDANT 20-20  process modeling and predictive analytics products.  Need more on data offreings.

VERDANT Installations

A VERDANT Home Zone installation has been active since July of 2016 and cloud- connected since November of 2016.   Currently, VERDANT Home Zone is operating with a VERDANT 100 monitoring three remote data nodes and controlling a F.W. Murphy TEC-10 Engine Controller to Start/Stop an irrigation pump engine.  A second V-100 zone is to be installed on a process within Mansfield Bio-Incubator.

VERDANT Product Descriptions

VERDANT 100 (V-100)  – Agricultural Monitor and Control Masters. The V-100 is a low-power, multi-node, wireless field Master transferring field-collected data through the latest in 4G for rapid-response operator controls.  The V-100 is tried-and-true on the field for highly-reliable data and coupled with the up-to-date network engineering for responsive controls and the highest security levels.  Liquid ingress protected with IP67 packaging. 

VERDANT 15  – Remote Power Installation Kits.  Solar Panel, mount, battery, electronic control electronics. Sized for multi-dark day operation with 20 W, 45 watt and 65 watt solar panels. 

VERDANT 20  Engine Simulator.  Electronic simulation of an internal combustion engine.  Starts and Runs with a commercial F.W. Murphy Engine Controller.  Manual throttle with variable, settable engine temperature and oil pressure.

VERDANT 200 – Advanced Agricultural Monitor and Control Masters. The V-200 includes additional network wider bandwidth options for other sensing/monitoring such video surveillance, spectral assessment.  IP67 packaging.

VERDANT 300 and 300 series – Bio/Pharma/Chemical Process Monitor.  IP67 wash-down packaging.