VERDANTAI – the firm and holder of VERDANTAI  technology.  VERDANTAI is the designer/developer/manufacturer of VERDANT process monitoring and control products.  VERDANT products contain VERDANTAI technology and connect to VERDANTAI networks with VERDANTAI technology. 

The VERDANT product line serves process operators with a secure and robust means to remotely monitor and control the process state, process flow and the process outcomes.  The VERDANT monitor and control nodes are comprised of OTS hardware and a plurality of wireless and wired communication means operating in VERDANTAI’s highly secure, self-healing network environment.

The first VERDANT products are the VERDANT 100 & 200 (V-100 & V-200) Field Masters. The technology was developed through 2017 to meet the requirements of local agricultural growers.  These growers are customers of Kevin Connolly and KC Enterprises.  The growers’ requirements of process data and process control response were met with the VERDANT proof-of-principal prototype in November 2017. 

DukeDevice Charter

DukeDevice’s Charter is to drive engaged, early-stage companies to success.  DukeDevice applies the latest tools and DD team know-how to assist early-stage tech companies in realizing successful products and profitable business. DukeDevice’s core team works with start-up founders to evaluate, procure and apply early-stage technical and business needs in finance/accounts, planning/staffing/management, investor presentations/promotion, product design, prototyping and quality compliance.   

VERDANTAI Charter   

VERDANTAI’s Charter is commercialize products that address the unmet needs in the security, reliability and robust responsiveness in the monitoring and control of remote processes. VERDANTAI products apply the power of the latest in data acquisition, data communications, network engineering and artificial intelligence to existing process technologies in order to resolve the unmet security, reliability and responsiveness needs.