DukeDevice Charter

DukeDevice’s Charter is to drive engaged, early-stage companies to success.  DukeDevice applies the latest tools and DD team know-how to assist early-stage tech companies in realizing successful products and profitable business. DukeDevice’s core team works with start-up founders to evaluate, procure and apply early-stage technical and business needs in finance/accounts, planning/staffing/management, investor presentations/promotion, product design, prototyping and quality compliance.   


VERDANTAI’s Charter is commercialize products that address the unmet needs in the security, reliability and robust responsiveness in the monitoring and control of remote processes. VERDANTAI products apply the power of the latest in data acquisition, data communications, network engineering and artificial intelligence to existing process technologies in order to resolve the unmet security, reliability and responsiveness needs. 


Engaged – Interactive with shared goals and mutual participation.

Early-stage – From concept and pre-investment to pre-revenue to launch and early sales.

Success  Sustainable revenue with positive P/L with defensible plans for growth, revenue and exit.

Security  Data-error detection and correction and use hi-rel data comm servers/channels.  Realized with embedded encryption through the proprietary Tunnel-Layer Security (T-L SecureTM ) and non-use of means such as sms text, email servers/channels and non-secured IoT. 

Reliability – Self-healing data monitoring networks and self-healing controls connections.  Environmental design for extremes of temperature, humidity and ingress pressure. IP67 packaging.

Robust  Reliability under extreme conditions. Interference is minimized by frequency-hopping spread-spectrum COTS wireless data nodes that are encrypted and self-healing.  IP67 packaging for extreme environments.  Wired data nodes are T-L SecureTM .  User-settable alarms and alerts to specific process operating data and control responses. 

Responsiveness  This is 1.) the time-latency between Zone data and User display and 2.) the time latency between User Control action and Zone actuator response. VERDANT data and control channels have a measured average of less than ½ second latency.  Control actions in the Zone are realized in less than 1 second.   (SMS text, email and standard IoT are notoriously undependable wrt time latency)